CO FEE CO Organic Coffee Robusta Roasted Beans 150g

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    • Improving the Immune System
    • Boosting the Body's Metabolism
    • Decrease in the risk of stroke
    • Potent anti-ageing and rejuvenating
    • Reducing Stress and Increasing Mood
    • A decrease in the risk of cardiovascular disease and heart failure
    • Coffee contains plenty of antioxidants to fortify a body's immune system.

    Product Description:

    Finest quality Robusta Coffee.

    Roasted to perfection - it will produce a lovely, velvety Coffee.

    A rare, quality gift for someone who appreciates truly kick-ass coffee!

    Grind them as you go, as you need them. Store in a cool, dry container.

    Urban Platter - Simply Good Food!:

    100% natural unsweetened cocoa powder from the organically grown cocoa.

    How to Use:

    Heat water and allow it to cool for a minute

    Add 1-2 tablespoons of instant coffee(alter to suit your taste and preference)

    Add sugar and milk (or cream) to taste

    Enjoy Your Coffee