Co Fee Co has Dakshin Bharatiya origins:- 

Our blends are made with some of the finest, most authentic coffee beans sourced from the Southern regions of Bharat.Ever since Sufi Saint Baba Budan brought the first 7 coffee beans from Arabia to Bharat three and a half centuries ago, Southern Bharat is a favourite among coffee lovers globally. Coffee sourced from this region has a unique flavor which is less acidic and sweeter than the African and South American varieties. The aroma reminds you of Dakshin Bharat,its verdant hills and rich cultural heritage.

Packaging Details:-

Co Fee Co is committed to bringing you the very best and most refreshing coffee and herbs with minimal impact to the environment. This carton is made from 100% recycled paperboard. Our infusion bas are made from unbleached, biodegradable fiber. Please recycle.

Reduce Plastic Usage:-

Co Fee Co fully supports the Government of Bharat’s efforts to reduce the use of plastic. Although recycling helps to reduce the amount of plastic which ends up clogging our ecosystem, we realize that very few types of plastics can actually be recycled by most municipalities. In addition, recycling consumes a lot of energy and water. In this situation, its best to reduce or completely eliminate plastic usage.

Co Fee Co Coffee Blends   are artisan blends, infused with herbs consistent with Ayurvedic principles and mixed in perfect proportions to give you a refreshing delectable taste.

When you buy this blend  , you also support ethical farming practices, and farmers who work hard under tough hilly or mountainous conditions to bring you authentic products without harming Mother Nature.  

Co Fee Co draws inspiration   from "Bansi Gir Gaushala", and its work towards reviving Bharat’s ancient “Gau Sanskriti”. We believe ancient Bharat holds the solution to many of the challenges facing humanity today.

Co fee Co’s mission   is to change the way people think about food and beverage, bringing simple Ayurvedic wisdom back into people’s lives. Our brand aims to recreate the same purity and authenticity that is characteristic of ancient Bharat.While doing so, we help people empower farmers who are the cornerstone of "Bharatiya  Gau Sanskriti".

In Ayurvedic principles  , caffeine is typically associated with Vatadosha,which is again associated with Vayu, a primal element that represents movement. Therefore, small amounts of caffeine can instantly make you feel energetic. However, in higher doses for sustained periods, caffeine consumption can trigger adverse health conditions. For this reason, please enjoy caffeine drinks in moderation.

To help you reduce caffeine dependence  , you may enjoy our range of Co Fee Co Herbal Coffee blends that can help you stay fresh, energetic and healthy throughout the day. Each of these blends is created with authentic Ayurvedic herbs keeping certain health benefits in mind.  

Our herbs are sourced   as far as possible from Dakshin Bharat, a region which continues to be a flag bearer of ancient Ayurvedic practice. These herbs are added in perfect proportions to give you a refreshing delectable taste.